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The ART of giving WINGS.

Anyone who develops projects also shapes spaces. Optically and functionally. But primarily we shape the lives of the people who use our buildings and are surrounded by them. Anyone who leads a company shapes a range, in the field of services and products.

But this process of shaping things is not only restricted to the commercial sector, we also take a proactive approach to sponsoring.

For many years we have been active in the three core areas of art, society and sport, and we have supported and sponsored selected projects with passion and commitment.


Founded by Erwin and Marion Soravia, SoART promotes interdisciplinary, cultural exchanges and links artists across borders. Today the Artist-in-Residence Programmes at Lake Millstatt in Carinthia and in Vienna are internationally considered to be among Austria’s reputable initiatives for promoting the arts. Furthermore, SoART awards annual scholarships to national and international artists.


We are well aware of our privileged position and have therefore implemented a broad range of charitable initiatives. In concrete terms, we sponsor school and hospital projects in South Africa and Tanzania.


In the field of sports, our main focus is clearly on supporting young talent: for example youth sponsoring at FK Austria, Österreichische Sporthilfe and the Austrian Tennis Association.