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A new CITY QUARTER on the DANUBE Canal

A striking and easily recognisable skyscraper ensemble, directly on the Danube Canal and nestled between the TownTown business quarter and the Prater Park – the TrIIIple.

Designed by the renowned team of architects Henke Schreieck, TrIIIple’s goal is optimally combining a space to live, work and play. We will use the existing infrastructure and steadily upgrade it in the course of the project. By building over the motorway, we will also create direct and barrier-free access to the Vienna Danube Canal, which will be used as recreational area with a park-like atmosphere. Thanks to its inner-city location in Vienna’s third district, TrIIIple offers ideal links between the city centre and the airport.

The plans for the site of the former customs office include 500 privately financed freehold flats and apartments to let, as well as 12,000 square metres of office space and extensive infrastructure.


Austria, 1030 Vienna
Apartments, offices, student halls, retail
Usable space
round 70,000 m²
Henke Schreieck
under development (repurposing completed)
Project volume
above EUR 300 million
Project partner
ARE Austrian Real Estate Development GmbH