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Vienna is about to have a new architectural landmark. At a height of almost 160 metres, Austria’s tallest residential tower is being built on the New Danube – the Danube Flats.

This unique project is situated directly on the water, in the centre of the Vienna skyline and with direct views to the city centre. Unmistakeable and immense, the residential tower wins out with its unique design and sustainable construction.

With the Danube Flats we are realising high-end accommodation for the first time in Vienna following international examples – such as in the thriving cities of New York, London, Singapore and Tokyo.

550 privately financed flats and investment apartments will be built across 47 storeys and the adjacent low-level building. What’s more, there are plans for 40 smart homes and 70 serviced apartments in the building.


Austria, 1220 Vienna
Offices, apartments, retail
Usable space
48,000 m²
project A01 architects ZT GmbH
under development (repurposing completed)
Project volume
EUR 253 million
Project partner
S+B Gruppe AG