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The way we do business is driven by our convictions.
And, in turn, the way we do business influences the way others do business.

Living values

We value courage, openness, reliability and loyalty. This applies to every one of our relationships. Whether it’s with suppliers, customers, business partners or colleagues.
We are convinced: Companies that uphold values are valuable.

Striking the right balance

We pay a lot of attention to everyone’s wellbeing. Too much is just as unproductive as too little. This applies to the working rhythms of every individual just as it applies to the growth of our Group. We always have to find the balance which facilitates respectful cooperation and is good for our business.

Putting people first

Everything we do, we do for people and with people. This is why we want to impress and to act in the best interests of society. We don’t only want to give answers, but also to ask questions. After all, we meet everyone on an equal footing.