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Our top management is a team of the best minds, working tirelessly together to drive the company’s success. This means that our consistent search to find the best employees for the individual divisions is one of our most significant success factors.

Erwin F. Soravia

CEO for Austria / Germany

Erwin F. Soravia is responsible for real estate project development in Austria and Germany, as well as the equity holdings ifa AG, Dorotheum and Ruby Hotels.

Hanno Soravia


Hanno Soravia is responsible for real estate project development in CEE and SEE.

Peter Steurer


In his role as CFO, Peter Steurer handles the areas of Group Accounting, Financing, Treasury, Group Controlling and Investor Acquisitions for SORAVIA.
The qualified tax advisor previously worked at BDO and has been with the company since 2008.

Jasmin Soravia

COO Project Development Austria / Germany

Since autumn 2015, Jasmin Soravia has been the Commercial Managing Director of SoReal GmbH, specialising in real estate project development.
From 2000 to 2006, she had a leading role at SORAVIA in the areas of Taxes, Legal Affairs and Accounting, before moving to STRABAG AG, where she was responsible for Asset Management Real Estate.
Most recently she handled Asset Management at Conwert SE and built up the internal sales team in Austria.

Michael Baert

COO ifa AG

Since 2013 Michael Baert has been on the Management Board of ifa AG – the institute for investment advice and Austria’s market leader in tax-efficient property investment.
He is primarily responsible for the areas of Project Development and Realisation, as well as Funding and Legal Affairs. He also handles the Asset Management division of ifa AG.
In the past twelve years Michael Baert has also worked as Managing Director of PREMIUM AG and its subsidiaries.

Peter Oismüller

COO Project Development CEE / SEE

As Commercial Managing Director, Peter Oismüller has been in charge of the operational handling of real estate project development in CEE/SEE since 2012. Before this he spent many years at CA Immo, where his posts included Head of Portfolio Management at CA Immobilien Anlagen AG.

Herbert Friedl

CTO Project Development Austria / Germany

Herbert Friedl has been the Manager of Technology at SoReal GmbH since 2015. In June 2016 he was appointed to the SoReal GmbH Management Board, since when he has been responsible for the entire technical project management as well as the technical construction management of all property projects in Austria and Germany.
The qualified master builder has worked in construction and construction management for 25 years. Before joining SORAVIA he was Head of Building Construction Vienna for PORR AG.

Matthias Wechner

CEO Adomo Holding GmbH

Since autumn 2019, Matthias Wechner has been CEO of ADOMO Beteiligungs GmbH, responsible for the Asset, Property & Facility Management divisions at SORAVIA. He is also a member of the Executive Board of SORAVIA Equity GmbH. He holds a doctorate in law and used to work as Legal Advisor in the Cabinet of the Federal Minister Günther Platter. After that he was CEO of Trenkwalder, Austria’s largest personnel service provider.