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All of our services covering every aspect of a property are provided by Soravia’s own companies.

This means that the high quality standards we have set for ourselves are guaranteed across every area.

We thereby offer our partners, investors and clients not only many years of experience, but also the optimal management of a property and the sustainable success of their investments through our comprehensive service portfolio.


Property acquisition

  • Recognising market potential
  • Usage analyses and concepts
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Managing the entire acquisition process
  • Due diligence
  • Subsidies and funding

Market analysis and site analysis

  • Market and exploitation analyses
  • Getting and coordinating expert opinions
  • Defining and evaluating conditions related to authorities, policy and the environment

Project concept

  • Tax and economic planning
  • Determining usage concepts suited to the location and market
  • Design and architecture concepts
  • Holding urban development competitions
  • Incorporating and managing sales and exit processes


Construction management

  • Project execution with quality assessment and cost controlling
  • Operational monitoring of design and construction processes
  • Producing project studies including calculation
  • Specifications for construction and fittings
  • Client representation and on-site supervision
  • Coordinating permit procedures from local authorities
  • Calls for tender and commissioning construction services
  • Inspections, approvals and warranty management


Sales / letting

  • Letting apartments, offices and commercial property
  • Handling sales processes for property owners
  • Estimates for rent and purchase prices in line with the market
  • Expert real estate consulting
  • Comprehensive marketing measures

Investor services

  • Strategic approach to real estate investment
  • Tax optimisation for property investment
  • Risk verification of the portfolio
  • Individual advisory services regarding the economic situation and taxes
  • Drawing up preliminary VAT/sales tax returns, tax returns, tax declarations and P&L statements

Property management

  • Sustainably increasing the profitability of properties
  • Securing the long-term value retention of properties
  • Optimising operating costs across every phase of a property’s lifecycle
  • Avoiding investment backlogs through ongoing technical controls
  • Optimising rental agreements

Facility management

  • Fiduciary administration of all entrusted assets
  • Commercial processing of all property expenses
  • Operating and maintenance of the property
  • Building services and energy management
  • Disposal and modernisation (where required)
  • Commissioning maintenance and repairs