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The NUMA Group is Germany’s leading technology provider in the field of short-term rentals and driver of the new asset class Commercial Living.
NUMA combines the comfort of a home with the standards of a hotel in centrally located sites.
The high standards ensure optimal sleep quality and a clean environment. The focus on technology makes the journey almost contactless. On-site experts curate recommendations that allow each guest to experience a typical daily routine while exploring the city.

NUMA is developing new technology solutions for the real estate industry, with a focus on hotels and apartment rentals, to automate operational processes by up to 80 percent, enabling hotel operators to save up to 60 percent through restructuring.
Currently, NUMA has 750 units under contract, with 1,500 more currently under negotiation.

COSI Hospitality GmbH
J├Ągerstr. 71
10117 Berlin

Headquarter: Berlin
Locations: Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid
Branche: Hospitality
Management: Christian Gaiser, Inga Laudiero, Dimitri Chandogin, Gerhard Maringer