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At HOME throughout the whole of AUSTRIA

ima Immobilienmanagement GmbH is a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of SORAVIA. The property experts at ima manage some 13,600 units with total usable space of around 780,000 m2 and a volume in excess of EUR 1.7 bn.

Successful support for a property continues many years after a rental agreement is signed. It is precisely this long-term assistance which ima offers to its clients. This allows profitability and value retention to be secured for properties throughout their entire lifecycle. Efficient cost management makes a key contribution here, involving both the optimisation of operating costs and ongoing technical inspections to facilitate the avoidance of investment backlogs. This allows optimal rental income to be guaranteed at any time.

Upon request, ima also handles the fiduciary administration of a property, including taking care of the commercial management of all property expenses and the operations and maintenance of a building.

ima Immobilien Management GmbH
Thomas-Klestil-Platz 3
1030 Vienna

Corporate Headquarters: Vienna
Locations: Vienna, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck
Sector: Property Management and brokerage, asset Management, facility Management

Complete property MANAGEMENT from a single SOURCE

In order to complete our service portfolio covering every aspect of a property, in 2016 we decided to add another service sector for our clients: a Soravia facility management division to successively offer classic cleaning services through to pest control, building technology and removal and relocation management.
The expanded range with improved quality should be reflected in customer satisfaction in the future and have a positive impact on costs as a result of the improvements in efficiency.