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We have bundled our complete range of services under the umbrella of ADOMO Holding, which includes the subsidiaries ivv (Immobilien Verkauf und Vermietungs GmbH), ima (Immobilien Management GmbH), icm (Immobilien Comfort Management GmbH), ASSA Objektservice GmbH, SEM Energie- und Gebäudemanagement GmbH, and the cleaning companies HERWA and FANTOM.

In this way, we manage real estate assets worth more than 2.5 billion euros and offer an extensive range of services. These range from traditional property management, building cleaning, special cleaning and pest control, to industrial cleaning, energy management and the maintenance of technical facilities.

ADOMO Holding GmbH
Thomas-Klestil-Platz 3
1030 Wien

Headquarters: Vienna
Sector: Asset, Property & Facility Management
Management: Dr. Matthias Wechner